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The Sentinel Funds

The Sentinel Range of funds are actively managed and risk rated.  The range is overseen by a panel of multi manager experts combined with the experienced financial advisers, representing investors.

The aim of the Sentinel funds is to deliver a level of service and management usually reserved for the wealthiest of investors to all investors. Historically, trying to provide effective investment management for smaller portfolios has been too expensive for customers to accept, with the result that many have had to be content with their portfolios being managed on an advisory basis or with some loss of independence in the style of management.

Even for advisers who have been committed to the highest levels of service possible for their customers and have tried to provide a high degree of investment management on an advisory basis, it has been very difficult to keep track of developments in world economies, fund manager changes and deliver satisfactory levels of support.

The Sentinel fund range has been set up to provide all the benefits normally only enjoyed by investors with the largest amounts of capital to invest, but on a scalable basis with investments from as little as £1,000. Our focus is on providing all investors, no matter how small or large, with the same level of active and independent investment management – day in, day out. Simple.


Authorised Corporate Director

Margetts Fund Management Ltd is the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) of the Sentinel Fund range.  The role of ACD is to provide a framework with responsibility for overseeing the management of the funds, providing and overseeing systems and controls for the compliant and effective management of the assets.

The ACD in conjunction with the investment committee has appointed fund managers to manage each of the funds according to the fund objectives.

The performance of the manager is reviewed quarterly and the manager can be changed if the investment committee agree that it is in investors’ best interests.

Full details about the portfolios can be found in the Non UCITS Key Investor Information Document (NURS-KII) and the individual fund factsheet which can be found under the Literature and Prices section.